The Spooky Science of GodMachine

“Singing is nothing more than string theory in action John. She’s like a big tuning fork for the cosmos, with a nice ass.” 
– Major Richards

NASA disclosed a few years back that artificial intelligence researchers were using Sanskrit as the language by which future AI languages are being modeled. This, coupled with the recent discovery that junk DNA contains a secret inherent language quality, is pointing more and more to a strange and eerie connection between language, consciousness, and matter.

Additionally, the story of GODMACHINE proposes that what are known as Bija Mantras in ancient Sanskrit are directly connected to the “strings” of String Theory. Bija mantras are known as “seed sounds,” and correlate to memes in certain Hindu schools of thought. Semantics aside, memes and strings are basically the same concept. When a practitioner chants a Bija mantra, they are in theory “tuning in” to a particular string, with the chant vibrating on a certain string’s frequency, thereby altering the consciousness/matter of the practitioner.

Singing then, is “string theory in action,” as proposed in the film by Major Richards. The human vocal chords mirror the vibrational reality of a string-structured universe. When Grace sings, she’s “channeling” the power of the strings using the Khodamaha’s computerized-translation of Sanskrit, much like what NASA researchers are using to create future AI intelligence with Sanskrit based-language construction.

The “Frequency of the Big Bang” is a sci-fi concept with roots in many scientific and metaphysical traditions. Almost all world religions (and even science with its “String” and “Big Bang” theories) usually involve the universe being created by some sort of sound or vibration-based event. In the bible God says “Let There Be Light”. The Buddhist and Hindu scriptures cite the “Om” mantra as representing the sound of creation. The string-theory of western science postulates that vibrations create matter. One thing all of these viewpoints have in common is FREQUENCY, VIBRATION, and OSCILLATION being used to create life.

The frequency of the Big Bang is perhaps none other than the primordial vibration that all matter emanates from, the classic “Word of God”. This would technically come from a potentiality that existed pre-Big Bang, the frequency being what initiated the Big Bang proper. The power to create life out of nothing is shared by Grace herself when the virus allows her to oscillate her singing to the same frequency, a miniature Big Bang sparking consciousness into matter.

Hindu mantras are often said to change the unconscious mind over time. Since the unconscious mind (autonomic nervous system) is what gives us life and sustains it, the Khodamaha simply allows a computer to tune into what humans are already unconsciously being powered by. The building blocks of our being, and the building blocks of other matter are fundamentally the same. GodMachine proposes that it is simply an issue of finding the right “language” with which to speak to all matter, and life can bloom anywhere in the universe.

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