Feature Film

GM-CastA GodMachine feature film is now in development – and attached to the script are sci-fi favorites Robert Leeshock, Von Flores, Marina Sirtis, JG Hertzler, and Jason Carter. The film will also star newcomer Kiki Yeung. We will be attending the American Film Market (AFM) November 2013 to meet with producers and production companies interested in the film project.



Below is the treatment for the feature film:



 In the not so distant future, the United States Congress votes to allow corporations to own U.S. states, giving rise to the second American Civil War. A former NASA scientist and reclusive hacker known as the “OMEGA MAN” rebels against the corporate tyranny, and unleashes the most powerful computer virus ever created — the Khodamaha. The computer virus not only infects the networks of the Incorporated States of America – but humans as well. One of the infected is JOHN LEE, a sergeant in a corporate-run paramilitary organization. He meets GRACE, a “comfort model” also infected working in an all-android brothel. The virus has given Grace a special gift — the ability to sing the frequency of the Big Bang.  This allows her to “reboot” John’s unconscious mind, as well as being able to bring computers to life. The two join forces to lead an army of man and machine alike in a battle to save the planet from their corporate slave masters.


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