Director’s Statement

AFM_Richard_CranorThe fundamental goal of the short film GODMACHINE is to showcase how much of what we consider to be negative, frightening, traumatic, and perhaps even evil, often serves as a catalyst for the greatest possible growth. Much of this film is an allegory to the butterfly — the process within its cocoon that eventually leads to the butterfly’s emergence as a thing of beauty. Without its metamorphic struggle and the significant pain the caterpillar must endure, the butterfly would never be.

In the film, the “Khodamaha” is vilified as a harmful computer virus. In reality, however, the virus is not the threat is seems, but rather a path to salvation. It is revealed later on that the Khodamaha serves a higher purpose, mirroring how certain negative events can later become pivotal in increasing our understanding of the world.

A few years ago, I was undergoing the worst part of a Kundalini awakening, while simultaneously dealing with divorce and battling cancer. I felt my world was ending. In a way, it did. But those experiences, as painful as they were, eventually granted me the capacity to live a better life – a more sane life.

As Churchill once said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” To me, this is the heart of the GodMachine story.

Richard Cranor | GodMachine Writer, Director

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