DAARPA Brain Implant and GodMachine – from Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact

VICE.com released an article detailing how a new brain implant being created by the Defense Agency DAARPA will be able to monitor the brain waves of soldiers and their psychological conditions – mainly to monitor their PTSD.


This very same technology is used in the GodMachine story by John Lee (Robert Leeshock), a sergeant in the Black Dragons who suffers from PTSD himself. What’s fascinating is that the military is taking seriously the psychological conditions modern warriors face on the battlefield and is hoping a microchip will offer the solution they need to stop the increasing number of suicides (averaging one a day) among US troops.

The article and technology proves that GodMachine may not be science fiction after all, but rather, actually be science premonition, highlighting the absurdity of treating problems of consciousness with hardware, and of treating symptoms – not causes, of PTSD in general.

GodMachine Producers to Attend AFM 2013

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GodMachine short film now on Indieflix

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